We are part of one of the biggest events of its kind in Central Europe. The theme of “COGNITIVE WARFARE” and our ability to counter this type of warfare is part of the program track of this closely watched show. Come and meet us and our comic heroes.

B l o n d i e

Age: 35 years
Profession: psychic, ability to read minds, feel emotions, see glimpses of the past and future under certain conditions

“I know what you’re thinking, I know what you want. I know your past, I know your present, I know your future. I know who you are. I have the gift of vision. Whoever I am in the service of, I am always and at all times pursuing my own goals.”

F r e d e r i c k

Age: 24 years
Profession: Robotics student – studying at university and involved in research

“The only thing of value in the world is a human brain, an intelligent human brain like mine. Only one like that is capable of research, development and creation. I’m not interested in superficial human gratification or the accumulation of money. My family has enough for me to do what I’m really interested in. And that’s robotics, where the future of humanity lies. I rely on logic, information and facts. Emotions and feelings only bring chaos.”

T y r r e l l

Age: 49 years
Profession: Former Army officer

“One can forget almost anything, children’s birthdays, heartbreak, hunger, cold. Even pain can be forgotten. But you never forget what war can do. The sound of bombs, the torn bodies and the inhuman screams of the wounded. War infects your mind, your soul, your heart. I won’t forget! I will dedicate my life to ensuring that nothing like this ever happens again.”

B i n

Age: 32 years
Profession: Cybersecurity – HACKER

“I am nobody, I don’t exist for society, authorities or institutions. I am everywhere and I am nowhere. My world is computer networks. I hate the order of this society, I don’t trust governments, I don’t trust people. I have my own opinions, my own rules! I’m a hacker, I set a mirror to all the powers of this world.”